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The Goat of Hypermediacy

Oat the Goat is a project that was funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and was a project designed to be a part of their Bullying Free NZ Week in May of 2018. The New Zealand Ministry of Health describes it as “Oat the Goat is an interactive, online storybook, which aims to teach children about empathy, acceptance, and tolerance.” The “Online story book” features our protagonist Oat, who is on a quest to reach the top of the mountain. On his journey, he meets a variety of characters,

Filmic Counter Culture of the Long 1960s

In 2019 Disney’s Frozen 2 broke the record of most grossing film during thanksgiving weekend, making $123.7 million domestically and grossing roughly over 1.4 billion dollars. Although this is a great achievement, I think it represents a direction that Hollywood and the film industry have collectively moved towards. No one wants to rock the boat, break the mold, or tell new stories that haven’t been seen on the silver screen. Films of the 1960s were the antithesis of the cultural mold at the tim

The 4 Stages of Culture Shock as seen in Budapest

Budapest by director Walter Carvalho is a Brazilian film however it follows the life of José Costa a ghostwriter who ends up in Budapest, Hungary. The film was made in 2009, it reminds me a lot of Central Station especially with the two being films involving travel. The film argues that once you embark on a journey to another place, culture, country, etc. That it will have a permanent change and effect on who you are and your identity. In Budapest this is seen as Costa transitions between his ho

The Blacksmith

His worn callous hands knew the weight of the hammer.

His skin, intimate with the bite of embers.

I was familiar with its fires before I could even fuel them.

In its white-orange heat, I found who I am.

From the rise of the sun to its setting,

like coal it consumes me.

Each day I can think of nothing but honing my craft.

The sound of the anvil growing ever growing more and more harmonious.

I couldn’t tell you what the hell I strike the iron for…

But there still is one thing I am fond of

A Digital Dérive

For my digital derive I decided to go to where almost all of my derives start or end up eventually. YouTube. I have been going on derives for years and have not even known it, generally, though I find myself starting with a specific goal in mind and then I end up getting distracted and following a tangent, to another tangent until instead of completing my math homework, I have spent an hour and 30 mins learning, watching, and discovering all sorts of seemingly random things.

For example, after